28 novembre 2007

our Hitch hiking trip in Budapest, the Best ever!!!

Oh gosh!! this trip is in the top 3 of our nicest trips and parties!!!the experience to Hitch hike abroad was a very good idea from our friends from poland (who are confirmed hitch hikers and really good travellers! :D)we spent from fryday afternoon to sunday in budapest (I mean it was that we were supposed to do but me and my pair Martyna had some "problems" for the come back, I mean we didn't find any car, nobody stopped for us, so we spent one more day there and came back by minibus, by the way, because we were the first... [Lire la suite]
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28 novembre 2007

now our trip in "chouncouyouch" (this is the pronounciation...)

something like one week after, we planed a trip in some caves close to Oradea, 54km exactly but 1h30 maybe more to go there, trains in romania are very slow... I won't make a lot of part for this topic, just will introduce you this with some photos, no more! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Une semaine apres, nous avons preparé une sortie dans des grottes pas loin d'oradea, 54km environ mais 1h30 de train, peut etre plus pour y aller, les trains ici en... [Lire la suite]
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28 novembre 2007

ok new topic

I just told you about this erasmus week, so I'll give you more photos to introduce you these activities!first, this F****.... hum, wonderful presentation of our country!! in front of about 200persons, as you all know it, I really like speaking in front of a such number of persons... and more if it's in english!! hum... anyway, it's done and it was a really good experience, and now I cannot be afraid to speak with a big audience :D !!(sorry I don't have a lot of photos, so it will be just one to show you how I can read! :D) ... [Lire la suite]
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28 novembre 2007

oh, I forgot..

yep, I just wanted to notice that few photos on my blog are from me, most of them come from others erasmus, thanks to them to permit me to post them here. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oui, je vous juste remarquer que peu de photo sur mon blog sont de moi, la plupart proviennent d'autres eramus, merci a eux de me permettre de les poster ici. Greg - Kristina - Cristopher (both of them) - Martyna - hope that I don't forget anybody...
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27 novembre 2007


ahlala, sorry for the late, I'm probably too lazzy to be regular!! ahah but because I still don't have an internet access at home, I have to borrow some access from my friends flats or to go at mac donald or in some pub where there are "hot spot" so what about these last weeks?I don't remember! there was too much things!actually the main event was our erasmus week and the coming of my mother the week after,during the erasmus week, we did something like one activity per day, with a visit of Oradea, a paintball afternoon, a... [Lire la suite]
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