31 mars 2008

trip with Amandine! (still transylvania) - fin devrier

coming soon... (more or less)

We left on saturday evening, In the train station we met this guy, coming from Kosovo (the new country you know!! :D ). He studied in Usa and was speaking perfect english, nice guy but he wasnt going in the same way like us :S ----Bracket----

then two noisy Romano-Hungarian teenagers in our compartment....

Arriving at 1h40 in the night at Sighisoara. walking around untill we found the hostel we reserved (in the citadel); nice place by the way, we internet and a kind of bar in a ceillar downstairs.

We visited the city on sunday and we also rent a car through two guys looking like being in the mafia! :S :D

Finally everything was ok and anyway this guys were in our guide book, we used the car to visit eastern country side around Sighisoara to try to visit Viscri but the road was soooo crap!! so we just went to a castle in Rupea!

Monday>> on the road again... (i was driving sometimes) for Biertan! passing through copsa mare (for the church) and then I drove to Sibiu. Arrival on Sibiu's suburbs, awful... loads of ugly buildings, industrial areas... certainly not what made this city being the European capital of culture 2007...

but after a couple of Kilometers, a very nice downtown appeared to us!

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